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Hear what my clients have to say about working with me:

Caroline was my social media manager for 3.5 years and I am so grateful that I found her! There are so many reasons I loved working with her and that you should hire her.

1. She truly listens to you and learns about your brand so she can truly understand your messaging and how to share it with the world. (I'm an online, service-based, business who works with parents of young children -- so it's different than selling a product, not-to-mention, getting into the personal lives of new families)

2. She's both creative and organized, a top-notch combination for her work. She can create eye-catching graphics, write compelling copy, plan the overall strategy, and keep everything organized and on time.

3. She's communicative and open to brainstorming with you on how to best show your brand.

4. She stays up-to-date on changes to social media platforms and advises accordingly.

5. And, of course... she's good at what she does! My social media accounts both had significant growth under her management and that growth was built from genuine followers.

Not to mention, she is an outstanding human! She's caring, compassionate, understanding, and in the entrepreneurship journey right alongside you.

I highly recommend working with Caroline for your social media management! You won't be disappointed.

I cannot sing the praises for Caroline Haney enough. She is very professional and skilled at what she does.  She always provided options so I didn’t have to say “I don’t like that,” and I could point to what I *did* like instead. And I felt comfortable enough with her to speak openly and freely when I did not love something she presented. She was/is extraordinarily patient – we went back and forth on fonts too many times! And she never showed frustration with me. My package included both a small and large logo, business cards, and a website. I love all of my finished products! And I should, right? If I don’t love them, I should not have agreed and she would have continued to create more options. While I plan to take over the edits on my site, it’s also comforting to know that I can reach back out to her at any time to help out. She’s so amazing.

Caroline has been a huge part of my small business! She has helped me transition my business and help me grow. Having Caroline strategize my social media, rewrite website copy and keep me organized. Best decision bringing Caroline on

"Caroline is an AMAZING! creative chick!!! She has the biz whiz to start women with any type of business model on the path to exposure, finding their niche, branding correctly, and a TON more. Can't recommend her enough!!!

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